The Twite Project - to place a "border bird" on the map.
The twite is likely to have had its swedish name (vinterhämpling) from that it is a
bird that appers in the wintertime (Våra Svenska fåglar i Färg) even if there is a
suspicion that the name, witch came in use after Rudbeck t.y:s Lapponic travel
1695, for a long time refered to the redpoll (Svenska fåglars namn, Tommy
Tyrberg). Howewer, the twite much more documented as a migrator than a
breeder. The Swedish Bird Atlas (1999. Svensk Fågelatlas) shows only 10 valid
squares of account from witch only two (Kullaberg and Härjedalen) indicates
breeding. Our race, the nominate f. flavirostris, is during summertime westerly
orientated to costal areas in Norway and there mainly from Kristiansand in the
south up to Trondheim. Its found more sporadicly partly in the mountain range and
partly far north - maby even around the peninsula of Kola. A lesser quantity breeds
in Finland and Russia. In its entirety it counts between 100 000 - 500 000 pairs
(Swedish Bird Atlas).
We (Ulf & Lars) have over the years been involved in different projects in the
north of Sweden and Ulf have had the pleasure of both finding nests and both ring
ad and juv some 20 km:s W Abisko (2003: 17 of 23 juv from a local population of
about 10 pairs). Those circumstanses made us make a decision to initiate a project
that might, in the long run, contribute with a new pin of knowledge on the
flawirostris map and open out into a elucidated species monography.
Our expectation is, to begin with, to estimate the essence of the Swedish breeding
population, ascertain its breeding biology, its way's in and out of the land and its
movements in the winter quarters. This implyes a serial of aimed ringingings and
inventorys along the Scands. In the nexty step we hope to have binded some
international contacts which with whomes contribution we via a.a.t DNA analysis,
map the genealogich sircumstanses among the local groups of Scandinavia and
those of Great Brittain, and along the line, a reserch of the relationship between the
eastern and the western populations.
To be able to row this boat ashore we see afore us:
* An editorial staff manned by 3-4 initiated persons who, maby two or tree times a
year, compile that what have happened. The statements will be published in
consecutive order in relevant magazines. The staff might have some helping locals
for work releef.
* For birdringers; repports delivered via Fagel2 with definitions of ringing
achievements and assosiated documents (f.ex. ringing circumstanses in plain
Likely there will be a number of "spin-of"-projects according to the maping of the
species occurence. We allready see a few: "Computer processing of earlyer
published matherial", "How is ordonary net catch related to net catch with decoy
bird / CD-player / tape recorder" (As well as with cave catch, fyke etc.).
Depending on the progress of the project, wiewed over a decade, we imagin that
people involved will take care of their nerbye recerch structure and economy,
however reporting, under name, to the project.
Ulf Molau & Lars Paterson
The buttoms aside here leads to different parts of the project.